Creativity Fitness Course for students at CAD (College of Advertising & design)

Weekly Creativity Fitness courses for students in advertising at the College of Advertising & design (CAD).

Students develop a better understanding of the creative process. They identify and master their own idea producing techniques through fun games and creativity challenges. Students constitute a “creativity toolbox” to help them develop an idea generating routine. These courses are hands-on and students develop new solutions, ideas or projects using various idea-generating tools such as guided visualization, storytelling, brainstorming, art, mind mapping, photo language, random associations, sketchnoting and other creativity stimulation tools.


Key Take-Aways


  • Discover your own creativity
  • Understand the creative thinking process
  • Exercise and boost the 4 creative aptitudes
  • Learn the brainstorming golden rules
  • Brainstorm individually and in groups
  • Learn and develop ideation tools
  • Practice opposite and analogic thinking
  • Develop your creative skills through fast creativity challenges related to the subject studied (advertising, interior design,…)
  • Compete with your team for the best concepts during the end of term Creativity Battle

Case studies

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