Our on-site Creativity Fitness workshops are bespoke and tailored to your needs.

These workshops come in many formats and their length ranges from 2h to several days and can be adapted for 10 to 100 people. We offer experiential workshops for training, events and keynotes for corporations and small businesses. The workshops are hands-on and participants will experiment with creativity development techniques and do creative work rather than sitting and listening to experts talk about it. They will develop new solutions, ideas or projects using various idea-generating tools such as guided visualization, storytelling, brainstorming, art, drama, mind mapping, photo language, mindfulness and other creativity stimulation tools.

Workshop themes

  • Creativity and Specific Problem Solving: Finding innovative solutions and creating new projects with your team.
  • Creativity and Teamwork/Team Building: Creating together generates cohesion within a group.
  • Creativity Fitness: Creativity is a Muscle, Use it or Lose it! A fun and fast-paced creativity training to fire up your mind and develop your team’s innovation skills.

Do you need to develop creative solutions or new projects?

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