Creativity Fitness Workshop for Educators at Le Verseau International School.

“Ready, Steady, Go” creativity workshop for teachers and principals at Le Verseau International School.

A Creative Professional Day seminar that focused on teambuilding and brainstorming new ideas and projects at the start of a new school year. Teachers at Le Verseau International School enjoyed that one day long creativity seminar based around developing new inspiring projects for students.


Key Take-Aways

  • Understand the creative thinking process
  • Discover your own creativity
  • Identify the  5 key areas of exploration
  • Learn the brainstorming golden rules
  • Based on the 5 key areas of exploration, brainstorm ideas for innovative school projects individually and in groups
  • Experiment with ideation tools
  • Practice opposite and analogic thinking
  • Develop a detailed project planner along with a name and a logo
  • Each team presents their project to the group

Case studies

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